Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’re dealing with injuries that are making it difficult for you to perform your job, then you may want to think about filing a workers’ compensation claim. This is especially true if you suffer an illness or injury as a direct result of the workplace environment. Here is how to know what might be covered.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

As far as workplace injuries are concerned, repetitive motion injuries are among the most common. Most manual labor requires a person to do the same movements over again. In general, those with jobs that involve typing may suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This affects the hands, wrists and forearms. Other occupations may also cause this condition. Any injury caused by repetitive motion should be covered by workers’ compensation. This also applies to chronic pain after years of heavy lifting.

Occupational Illness

Occupational illnesses come as a result from work conditions. Workers’ compensation covers illnesses that are developed due to exposures in the workplace. If an employee develops an illness while working for a company but the illness is not related to the work environment, then he or she cannot file a claim against the company or through workers’ compensation.

For instance, if you work in a loud environment and develop hearing problems later in life, you may be covered under workers’ compensation. Likewise, if you develop asthma because of hazardous substances, this is an illness that you would not have if you didn’t work for the company. In addition, conditions such as tennis elbow are worthy of compensation.

Now, when it comes to illnesses and diseases, there is an occupational disease list. Most of the time, if your illness is on that list, then you will be covered. If your illness is not on the list, however, you still may receive compensation. You can appeal to a committee. If your disease was caused by work conditions without a reasonable doubt, you are owed compensation.

Emotional Stress Injuries

Emotional or mental stress injuries are relatively new when it comes to workers’ compensation coverage. Job related stress is quickly becoming more of a commonly acknowledged injury or condition. For instance, too much stress may cause heart issues or certain cancers. Now, these are more difficult to prove and you’re going to have to deal with state laws in regards to what counts. It’s important to discuss emotional stress injuries with a lawyer.

If you’re interested in whether or not your illness or injury should have coverage under workers’ compensation, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to talk to a lawyer. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer right away for more information.

Source: Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore, MD, Greenberg Law Offices