Truck Accident Lawyer

A car accident isn’t something you set out to have on any particular day. A crash can cause damage, injury and a whole lot of headaches. However, what happens when a tractor-trailer has an accident? Is the process similar to that of a car accident or does it differ? Because trucks accidents are typically more severe and the chance of fatality higher, the process for determining fault and ultimate liability is more complicated. If you are in an accident as a truck driver or if you are a vehicle that has been involved in a crash with a semi, you may want to make yourself aware of what the differences are.

Truckers Are Professional Drivers

When a tractor-trailer gets in an accident, there’s a good chance that the driver is on duty and working. Whether a load is being picked up or delivered, driving a semi usually means a driver is on the clock. This may put the accident into the realm of a workers’ compensation claim which has a whole other set of rules and conditions when determining fault. The insurance company represents the company the driver is working for, not necessarily the driver directly. The driver, therefore, may want to retain the services of a truck accident lawyer for representation.

Insurance Payouts Increase in Truck Accidents

Trucks legally have to carry more insurance than regular motor vehicles which makes payouts on claims much higher. The thought behind this raised payout is due to the potential damage a truck can cause and inflict. Payouts can be anywhere north of $500,000 when an accident occurs.

Technology Can Help Determine Crash Causes

Newer trucks have higher standards. Gone are the days where drivers would keep paper logs of their hours on and off the road. These days, companies want to ensure that drivers are following the rules for rest and driving set by the government. Therefore, many newer trucks have something similar to an airplane’s black box which contains data on speed, GPS coordinates, direction, if brakes were used and if the driver had deployed the speed control measure. Many truckers have also mounted dashcams to provide more security when accused of causing an accident or altercation. After a crash, all of this data has to be examined, and a reconstruction of the crash scenario made. In a motor vehicle accident, aside from dashcams, computers inside don’t keep data as complex as a tractor-trailer does.

A truck accident is something that can devastate many lives. If you have been involved in a collision, get a truck accident lawyer to assist in sorting through the facts of the case.

Source: Truck Accident Lawyer Wytheville, VA, The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt