Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney: Is It Worth It?

If you suffered an injury because of a negligent party, then you have every right to recover damages. Generally, if you need to recover damages, then you may want an attorney on your side to represent your side. The question clients often have is: Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? The simple answer is usually yes, but here are some reasons that would make it important for you to have a lawyer.

Serious Injuries

The legitimacy of your case may hinge on your injuries. If you do not have injuries at all, then you aren’t likely to be able to seek damages. There are costs involved with injuries that a lawyer can help you settle. For instance, odds are that you have high medical bills and may even have to take time off work because of it. If you are unable to perform at work, then you’re going to need compensation.

Negligent Parties

If your injuries are due to negligence, then you may need a lawyer to help you prove it. Before you go to trial, you have to be able to prove that your injuries were due to negligence. To do this, you have to prove breach of duty. If you were at fault of your injuries, then it is obvious that you have no case. However, if it was someone else’s fault and you have evidence for it, the lawyer will help you organize and display it to win your case.

Insured Parties

If the negligent party has insurance then a lawsuit makes sense. In some cases, it isn’t worth pursuing a case if the other party does not have insurance. This is because if the other party doesn’t have the funds
to pay the damages, there is no way that you can receive money from them. You may end up spending years trying to collect against someone that didn’t have insurance. If insurance is involved, however, then you have a much bigger chance to collect and should pursue the case with a lawyer. If you don’t have much of a case, then of course you won’t need a lawyer. However, if you have a strong case, then it is better to have someone advocating for you. Lawyers take a lot of stress off the case. In addition, with an attorney’s experience, you can count on him or her to know the right steps to take to get you the best judgment possible. When you suffer serious injuries at the fault of another party, then it’s worth it to hire a lawyer.