No two personal injury claims are exactly alike. There are almost as many different kinds of personal injury claims as there are ways to get injured. Two people with the same injury or illness may have recoveries that are very different to one another. When someone has been injured or becomes ill because of someone else’s negligence, they should have the chance to fully recover even if it may take them longer than another person with a similar ailment. When a person is trying to recover from a personal injury caused by someone else, the quality of their medical care and recovery should not be dependent on what they themselves can afford- they should receive the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to in order to get the best medical care available.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people recommend the help of a personal injury lawyer when seeking compensation for a personal injury claim. Even though a victim and/or their family may clearly be entitled to compensation from the party or parties that wronged them, it is not always easy to get the guilty parties to pay what they owe. When someone is recovering from an injury or illness, their time and energy should be focused on healing and on doing what they can to feel better and to get back to their normal routines- not fighting with powerful insurance companies who do not have their best interests in mind. When a family is grieving over the loss of a loved one, they should have the time and resources to properly grieve and try to heal their heavy hearts. They should not have to spend time trying to recover what is rightfully theirs.

Filing a Claim

Because there are almost as many different kinds of personal injury cases as their are kinds of injuries, the likelihood of two personal injury claims being exactly the same are very slim. The nature and severity of your injury or illness will likely inform whether or not you will be able to recover for damages by just going through the guilty party’s insurance; or if you may have to dispute their offer (or failure to make an offer) in court.

Determine if the Negligent Party’s Insurance Policy Will Cover Your Injuries

There are many different kinds of personal injuries that may be covered by a negligent party’s insurance company. Some kinds of insurance that may be used to cover a personal injury include but are not limited to:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner or Property Owner’s Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • Business Liability Insurance

Many people recommend enlisting the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer before engaging with the other party’s insurance, lawyer, and/or other representatives. Even though you may feel like this is not necessary because you are an honest and truthful person, the other party’s representatives will likely do everything they can to pay as little to you as possible. This may include manipulation tactics to get you to use words and descriptions that will give their side less or no culpability.

To File or Not to File

The majority of personal injury claims settle before going to trial and many of them are resolved without having to file a lawsuit. Many personal injury victims and their lawyers will start the process of seeking compensation by filing a third party claim against the at-fault person’s insurance carrier. It does not require a lawyer to file a third party claim or even to take a claim to court, but the many advantages of having one often far outway the reasons to do this without the help of someone who is trained and educated to do this work.