A slip and fall accident can be an embarrassing and dangerous ordeal. Slipping and falling can lead to a number of injuries including fractures, sprains, stiffness, soreness, spasms, and bruises. Many of these injuries require medical care that can be very expensive. Many victims may also have to miss work due to the resultant injuries. But what should one do after a slip and fall accident?

Get Medical Attention

As a slip and fall lawyer in Las Vegas, NV would tell us, the priority, when you or a loved one suffers a slip and fall accident, is to make sure you seek medical attention. Many minor and serious injuries will require a medical professional. Broken and fractured bones, internal bleeding, or cardiac issues arising from the accident need to be immediately treated.

Report the Incident

It is important to report the slip and fall accident to the proper authority. If the accident happens at or in front of a store, report the incident to the manager or owner of the establishment. If it happens at a residential property, report the incident to the owner or landlord of the property. Make sure the incident is recorded in great detail and in writing. Include the date, time, and exact address and location of the accident, as well as the name and title of whoever was in charge at the time, and who you are reporting the incident to, if they are different people. Make sure that you obtain a copy of this report for your records, which leads to our next step…

Document Everything

Make sure to collect and keep records of everything pertaining to the accident. This includes the incident report from above. If there were witnesses, make sure to get their names and contact information. Take pictures of the precise location where the accident happened. If there was something unusual or hazardous about the location, such as an uncleared ice patch or a broken step, make sure to include that. Keep a record of all the injuries resulting from the incident and any ensuing medical bills or invoices.

Keep Quiet

As you deal with the medical and legal ramifications of your accident, make sure you limit your communication with people who may not have your best interest at heart. Avoid posting on social media about the incident. Or discussing it with unconcerned parties. If a property owner or manager, or an insurance agent requests a statement, you have the right to decline. Before speaking to anyone else about the accident, there is one person you should talk to first.

Contact A Lawyer

If you have suffered such an accident, it is important to call a slip and fall lawyer near Las Vegas, NV, like the ones at Eglet Adams. An attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to financial compensation to deal with the injuries from the accident, the required medical treatment, and any lost wages resulting from the incident.