Unconventional Yet Steal-Worthy Event Venue Ideas

Picking a venue is probably one of the hardest choices most event planners will make. With the array of options to choose from, it can feel grueling to narrow down just one. Choosing a venue can become more complicated when you realize that the venue property is not only a place for people to sit, it’s where your special moments will be had. Thus, it’s imperative to choose wisely and think outside the box so that your guests leave with the best of memories. 

Here are some unconventional, uncommon, yet completely steal-tempting ideas to consider for your upcoming event: 

Send Your Guests a Party Prep Pack

To build up the anticipation for your event, and reel guests in to attend, consider sending them a party prep package. You can either drop it off on their porch or send it through the mail. The items inside should be aligned with the decor and theme, so your guests can only imagine the kind of fun to be had!

Transform the Floor From Grimey to Whimsy

We can reasonably assume that most venue property floors aren’t going to be amaze-worthy. After all, the floor is there for people to step on. But what if you added an element to the floors that brings attention to them in an attractive way, such as light panels? It’s a great way to utilize the space in a unique way that serves as a form of entertainment too. 

Implement a 3D Element of Fun 

Most people who attend weddings anticipate watching a video of old family photos and baby pictures of the couple-to-be-wed. But imagine taking this to the next level by having a professional convert it into a 3D version, and then providing 3D glasses to your guests? Now that’s a wild and fun idea!