Personal Injury Lawyer

Any day of the week, the unfortunate could happen, like a car accident, leaving you in need of a personal injury attorney. In most major cities, attorneys are a dime a dozen, with new firms popping up every year. Some attorneys are brimming with hope, waiting for their next case, while others are drowning in cases and could totally handle one more. The duty falls to you to filter through the hundreds of available attorneys and settle on the one that’s right for you and your case. Below you’ll see the essential qualities you need to consider before you sign on the dotted line:


While every certified attorney has passed his/her state bar exam, every attorney will specialize in a specific field of law. Some may specialize in more than one field, but it’s usually just one. It could be personal injury law, family law, civil law or others. Understanding what specialty you need from a lawyer will help you narrow down your search and save you time and a ton of phone calls. However, if the lawyer you’re calling doesn’t specialize in your required specialty, they’re usually more than happy to refer you to someone who does.


There’s nothing worse than encountering an attorney who’s two faced, but once you’ve signed on to be represented by him or her, you really can’t change your attorney for the duration of the case. That’s why it’s important to know a person’s reputation beforehand. Attorneys, like all people, repeat their genuine behavioral patterns. You’ll find that online reviews as well as recommendations from friends unveil a great deal.


Good lawyers will always be there for their clients. This includes making themselves available, as well as disclosing all related things regarding their cases. Most importantly their ability to convey the complex proceedings in a manner that average, non-law school educated people can understand is very important. A lawyer that’s swamped with work and can’t give you time, likely won’t be able to give your case the attention it deserves. Also, if this occurs, you’ll find yourself feeling awful throughout the case, which is already a stressful experience.


Perhaps the most important factor is the cost of paying a lawyer. It will definitely narrow your search. While there are some lawyers that are so well acclaimed that they take only upfront payments and “big” cases, others are just starting out and are more flexible on payments. Other attorneys will take someone’s case if they meet certain conditions, say only if one has medical and car insurance. And, there are a few lawyers with enough compassion to take on a case pro bono. Know the cost and conditions for each lawyer and you’ll narrow down your search to the lawyer that is right for you.

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