Do You Actually Have a Car Accident Claim?

In the aftermath of a car accident, your number one concern is probably getting your life (and your car) back to where it was before the accident. Depending on the severity of the accident, that can be more challenging (and expensive) than you’d like. To help, you may need to turn to a lawyer. To that end, you could ask, “Do I have grounds for a car accident claim?”

Feet on Solid Legal Grounds

One of the most essential aspects of any claim is the burden of proof. With a car accident, you can aim for proving the other driver demonstrated a measure of negligence. Do you feel the other person neglected to act with proper care or caution? There are also instances in which the other driver intentionally caused an accident.

Even if there is neither negligence nor intentional behavior involved, you can still build a case on strict liability. For instance, the other motorist may have been driving a car involved in a recent recall, which is what triggered the accident. Under such circumstances, you’d bring your claim against the car manufacturer instead of the driver. Even a driver who is sober and follows all the rules of the road can’t avoid an accident if the brakes on a recalled car fail.

Gather Information

Your claim will also need to be backed up with plenty of facts. Be sure you get the name and insurance information from the other driver, as well as the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. Pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident is a great idea, as it taking pictures of any injuries you sustained and the license plates of the vehicles involved. Police reports are also vital to building a legal claim.

Make Yourself Aware of Potential Damages

With personal injury claims, you can collect different types of damages, damages you need to factor into your claim. You’ll likely want to factor in vehicle damage so you can restore your car to its former condition. Any personal property you had in the car that was damaged in the accident may need to be replaced, such as a laptop or bike. Of course, medical costs should be added to the claim, just make sure you factor in immediate as well as long-term medical costs, such as rehabilitation and making changes to the overall structure of your home to accommodate for lifelong physical disabilities stemming from a serious car accident.

For more information about filing a car accident claim, speak with an experienced lawyer. Get the compensation you deserve.