Truck Accident Lawyer Arlington, IL 

Imagine that you are driving near a truck, and they suddenly slam into you, resulting in a terrible wreck. You are left with serious injuries all over your body, which can cost thousands in medical expenses and prevent you from going to work. Accidents like these happen every day, and they can impact innocent victims. Truck accidents often lead to much more destructive crashes and can cause especially severe injuries. From defective parts to speeding, there are many ways that a truck accident can happen. 


Truck accidents can be caused if a truck driver is driving too fast on a street or freeway. A commercial truck should not be traveling as fast as a smaller car because they are much harder to steer and control due to their size and weight. If they are carrying many tons of cargo, it is even more dangerous because it can spill on the roads and get in the way of other drivers. 

Driving While Intoxicated 

Drunk driving accidents cause many accidents, resulting in traumatic injuries and psychological harm to innocent victims. Driving while “buzzed” is illegal if an officer believes you are driving erratically, so your blood alcohol content does not necessarily have to be over the legal limit. Learn more about the legal services you can receive from a competent and skilled truck accident lawyer. 

Lack of Maintenance 

Many truck accidents happen because a truck is not maintained properly. The truck could have had an issue with its brakes or a tire was not replaced, and it blew out while on the road. If a trucking company is found to have not maintained their trucks and ensured that they are road-safe and operational, they can be held liable.

Reckless Driving 

When a driver is reckless, they endanger themselves and others around them. If a truck driver disregards others’ safety, victims have the legal right to file a personal injury accident claim against them. As a truck accident lawyer such as one from Therman Law Offices, LTD can speak more about, many truck accident victims can recover a long list of damages.   

You should not go through the consequences of a truck accident alone. Allow a lawyer to help you prepare your case and guide you through each step so that you can recover all of your losses. Find out how a truck accident lawyer can assist you by scheduling a consultation and getting the facts of your case.