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If you are wondering whether to hire a personal injury lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen at our law firm after a vehicle accident, then we suggest calling us today for a consultation. You have the right to speak with a lawyer prior to talking with any insurance company or related party. Furthermore, you have the right to negotiate and fight against the insurance company. However, it can be difficult to advocate for yourself with an insurance company who is only worried about how much they are saving.

More often than not, an insurance company will offer the victim a settlement amount that doesn’t nearly cover their expenses. We step in to protect your best interests and handle the paperwork side of things as you focus on recovery.

Why wouldn’t an insurance company offer me a fair settlement?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit entities, meaning that their purpose is making money. Trust us when we say that they will do almost anything to avoid paying you the money you deserve. Many victims of accidents are not aware of just how much they could receive in compensation, and how this amount is often substantially more than the initial offer from an insurance company. The best thing you can do for your health and pocketbook is to speak with a dedicated MD personal injury lawyer in Bethesda at our law firm as promptly as you can.

Can I trust an insurance adjuster if they contact me?

Before providing a statement to an insurance adjuster, it is imperative to your case that you speak with a lawyer first. The reason why we say this is because many people unknowingly say something to the adjuster that leads to a reduction or denying of their claim. This adjuster may seem friendly and interested in how you are feeling. Even statements such as “I am feeling okay”, may be construed to suggest that you are not suffering from your claimed injuries. This person does not have your best of interest in mind, but we do. We urge you to not take on this situation alone.

Will witness testimony help me in my case?

Memories can fade as time goes on, so getting a statement from a witness early on will be important. We can speak with the witness first to ensure that they are reliable and that their perspective of what happens aligns with yours. It could adversely affect your case if a well-intentioned witness says something that contradicts yoru side of the story. When meeting with a lawyer, provide them with names and contact information, so they can follow up with them as soon as possible.

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If you are unsure whether your situation qualifies as a personal injury lawsuit, then call us today. There is no obligation and nothing to lose by simply finding out what your rights and options are at this time. Call Cohen and Cohen to speak with a Maryland personal injury lawyer in Bethesda today.