Auto Accident Attorney

Getting behind the wheel can be incredibly risky for a number of reasons. The last thing you probably expected is for someone to be overcome with road rage, resulting in an accident in which you experience suffering. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to practice safety behind the wheel, an accident can still occur. Unfortunately, when road rage is involved, the driver overcome with road rage may behave irrationally. In some cases, they may even be frustrated with your safe driving practices. After an accident, you stand to be facing serious injuries. A lawyer can not only protect you but show you the way when pursuing legal action against the person who caused the accident due to their negligent actions.  

Road Rage

Road rage is when a driver in a motor vehicle responds with aggression or anger that is often impulsive and even dangerous. There are a number of behaviors that can make up road rage. Road rage can be incredibly dangerous and, have an impact on other drivers. Road rage incidents have the ability to produce horrific results, especially in the event of an accident. Examples of road rage behaviors can include:

  • Hand Gestures
  • Insulting Language
  • Erratic and Even Dangerous Driving
  • Causing Physical Injury to other Drivers

Although in some cases, road rage, although frustrating, can be harmless. However, in other situations, the actions of a driver overtaken by road rage has the ability to seriously harm other driver’s on the road.

Proving Fault

Should you suffer damages at the hands of a road rage driver, it may be in your best interest to seek damages from the person responsible. This will require that you are able to prove that the road rager is at fault for their negligent behavior. A lawyer can play a crucial role in helping you to prove fault for your accident claim. Certain elements must be proven in order to have a successful claim, such as:

  • Duty of Care
  • Breach of the Duty of Care
  • Damages
  • Causation

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

An injury from an accident caused by someone overcome with road rage may result in the need to take legal action. Lawyers have experience in providing their clients with the legal representation they require when putting their needs first. You should never be left to suffer from injuries that were beyond your control. Injuries that are the result of road rage can leave you feeling impacted for an unforeseen length of time. Because of this you stand to face significant damages that may leave you suffering physically, emotionally and financially.

Road rage can leave accident victims in disbelief. It can be hard to come to terms with another person’s actions, especially when they have caused you a great deal of strife. Knowing how to proceed can leave an accident victim feeling completely helpless and overwhelmed. If you have been injured at the hands of a road rager’s negligence, it’s likely that you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Contact an auto accident attorney without delay to ensure that you are legally protected and, that your case is appropriately managed in the days to come.

Source: auto accident attorney in Washington, DC, Cohen & Cohen, P.C.